공간이 협소한 계산대에 적합한 소형 이동식 스캐너
- 판독거리 : 0mm~210mm
- 스캔속도 : 1120 스캔 라인/초당

  - 경제적인 가격
- 어느 공간에 두어도 어울리는 깔끔하고 세련된 디자인
- 그물형 라인으로 손쉬운 바코드인식
- 고정형 스캐너로 두손이 자유로움
- 편의점, 의류점, 도서점, 사무실, 창고 등 각종 매장에서 사용가능
  MS 7120
Operational Light Source Visible Laser Diode 675nm ± 5nm
Laser Power 0.681mW (peak)
Depth of Scan Field (Programmable) 0 ~ 215mm (0 ~ 8.5") for 0.33mm (13mil) bar codes
Width of Scan Field 60mm (2.4") @ face ; 105mm (4.1") @ 216mm (8.5")
Scan Speed 1200 scan lines per second
Scan Pattern 5 fields of 4 parallel lines (omnidirectional)
Number of Scan Lines 20
Minimum Bar Width 0.13mm (5.2mil)
Decode Capability Autodiscriminates all standard bar codes; for other symbologies call Metrologic
System Interfaces PC Keyboard Wedge, RS232, OCIA, Light Pen, IBM 468X / 469X, Stand Alone Keyboard
Print Contrast 35% minimum reflectance difference
Number Characters Read Up to 80 data characters
Roll, Pitch, Yaw 360°, 60°, 60°
Beeper Operation 7 tones or no beep
Indicators (LED) Green* = laser on, ready to scan, Red* = good read
* Indicator colors can be reversed
Mechanical Height 150mm (5.9")
Depth 105mm (4.1”)
Width - Orb 80mm (3.1”)
Width - Base 102mm (4.0”)
Weight 380grams (13.4oz)
Termination 10pin modular RJ45
Cable Standard 2.1m (7’) straight; optional 2.7m (9’) coiled; for other cables call Metrologic
Tilt - Orb 30° vertical
Electrical Input Voltage 5 VDC ± 0.25V
Power 1.1W typical @ 5 VDC
Operating Current 220mA
DC Transformers Class 2; 5.2V @ 650mA
Laser Class CDRH: Class IIa; EN60825-1:1994/A11:1996 Class 1
EMC FCC Class A, CISPR Class A
Environmental Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)
Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Light Levels Up to 4842 Lux (450 footcandles)
Shock Designed to withstand 1m (3.1’) drops
Contaminants Sealed to resist airborne particulate contaminants
Ventilation None required
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